Volunteering with primary school children

Help students of Elementary to 5th grade of the public school of Zapomahe to better read, speak and write in English or to count thanks to a personalized tutoring.

Une volontaire explique la leçon du jour

Realization of a school support mission.

Teach core subjects

Ikpaledou is looking for volunteers to provide school support for elementary and middle school students who are most in difficulty (especially those who repeat) during the school holidays.

The objectives of this mission are:

- Review the basics of calculation (additions, subtractions, simple multiplications)

- Review the basics of reading, writing

- Work on written expression and oral communication

- Organize individualized monitoring work for students

During the summer holidays, the classes take place from 8:00 to 12:00, the afternoons are dedicated to animate the reading workshops or others from 15:30 to 17:00.

The duration of the mission is 2 weeks for short holidays and 2 to 4 weeks during long holidays.

You like teaching and want to join us, then apply on the Planète Urgence website or contact us :

-  Mission n° TO1NC5

-  Partner name Ikpaledou

-  Location Togo, Lomé


A few photos of past missions

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