IKPALEDOU Club d'Entraide (ICE) is a non profit organization, founded the 15th of December 2007.

It has celebrates its 11th birthday thanks to the commitment of a team of women and men working on a voluntary basis.

Many obstacles were overcome since its creation to fulfill its mission of helping the Togolese population and developing new projects. The cost of some of our offers helps covering the running costs but we are always looking for ways to start and self-finance our ideas.

Le President fondateur d'Ikpaledou

"Fofo Kossi Juste Kenkou, founder of Ikpaledou"



The organization has been created by Fofo Kossi Juste kenkou, and head office is located in Lomé, the Capital of Togo

Our objectives were to promote development of the highlands as well as the vcity of Atakpame, by setting up numerous local actions. 11 later, this is still true, but our actions have also spread to Lome.

For 7 years, Juste Kenkou has participated with other associations in the supervision of volunteers during reforestation missions, or education projects taking place in Togo and Benin. He had many ideas to support the development of his native region, so he decided to create ikpaledou to transform them into ambitious projects.

I choose the name of Ikpaledou because in my native language, the Akposso, it means "Let's get together" and I believe that sharing is synonymous of enrichment.

Join us and take part in this great adventure !

Our team

From left to right : Juste Kenkou, founder and president of the association; Maxime Alodji, head of the Ikpaledou reception unit; Géraldine Kpomassi, our chef and treasurer of the bakery; Daniel Afangbedji, Ikpaledou's programs manager.
L'equipe Ikpaledou posent devant la nature des hauts plateaux
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