Distribution of school kits

Supporting access to education in the "Hauts Plateaux" region.

Thanks to the support of our partner Planète Urgence, every year we can distribute a school kit to children in rural areas.

Kid showing a scholar kit of Planète Urgence

Children are given a bag containing essential materials: a slate, pencils and a rubber, two notebooks and a ruler.


Education is the foundation

A cause for which we have been committed for many years to support poor families facing the cost of school equipment or school teachers lacking of means.

This program provides students the necessary equipment for learning and it strengthens the support of parents in favor of the school. It also provides school teachers with material to teach; such as chalks, pencils, notebooks or the renovation of school furniture.

Children celebrating the scholar kit distribution

Support local economy

The school kit program is also a support for the local economy because the manufacture of equipment are assigned to local craftsmen, such as the making of desks or school bags.

Delivery of new desks Craftmen sewing the logo Planète Urgence on School bag

The Cybercafe

Computer and Internet access for children and adults

It is located in Agoè-Nyivé, suburb of Lome, the Third street behind Agoé school.

Des éleves assistent à un cours d'informatique avec Ikpaledou

We offer there, introductions to computers utilisation along with teaching  on the use of the Internet and office applications, via volunteer missions.


Given the importance and the usefulness of digital, it seemed important to us to offer access to computers for the people of our neighborhood

We therefore founded the cybercafé in 2013. For this project we manufactured the furniture and thanks to the generosity of benefactors, reunited the necesary equipments to offer a maximum of comfort and well-being to the users, children and adults.

Since its opening it has hosted several volunteer missions for adult computer training.


The Ikpaledou bakery

A place for delicacy, conviviality and learning !

You will find it in Lome, in the Agoè-Legbassito district, behind the Togo Telecom antenna and close to the police station.

On the menu to satisfy your taste buds: butter bread, Coconut Bread, Tea Bread, Suger Bread and Brown Bread.

Pains Ikpaledou


It will host, adults bakery teaching and it will also be a source of income to self finance projects of the association.


After many steps, we were happy and proud to inaugurate our bakery on December 15, 2018, to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the association.

It was a major project for us and it required a lot of work from our team and volunteers involved in its construction. We are proud to propose Ikpaledou's made breads !

Membre d'Ikpaledou en formation boulangerie

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